With over a decade of grassroots organizing and senior leadership roles on top campaigns, from MoveOn to Democracy for America to the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ foundation, Annie has become a national leader in voter targeting, electorate expansion, campaign strategy, strategic planning and organizational coaching for candidates and movement organizations – working with clients like Movement School, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), Democracy for America, VoteAmerica, Our Revolution, ParentsTogether, Social Change and more.

(image description: in NYTimes, Annie strategizing with DFA-endorsed progressive Rep. Katie Porter on her primary night victory in California, who went on to successfully unseat the Republican incumbent in one of the most contested fights of 2018.)

Annie got her start fighting water privatization with Food and Water Watch, in Lexington, KY. She went on to join MoveOn as Lead National Field Campaigner and Deputy Candidate Recruitment Director, where she supported training, recruitment, and organizing efforts alongside MoveOn’s 8 million members – taking on the Tea Party, fighting for affordable healthcare, and challenging rightwing attacks on organized labor from Wisconsin to Ohio to Michigan, from Minnesota to North Dakota.

She managed Ilya Sheyman’s powerhouse run for Illinois’ 10th Congressional District, and in 2012 joined the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ Foundation, Progressive Congress, as Chief of Staff – developing cutting-edge messaging, policy, and coalition-building partnerships across legislative teams.

In 2014, Annie became the Electoral Director of Democracy for America, the 1.2 million member people-powered PAC. In this role, she grew the organization’s endorsements program sixfold, supporting over 618 victories up and down ballot, directed over $12 million towards progressive candidates and campaigns in the 2018 cycle alone, launched the “Transforming Cities” Initiative to invest in critical yet under-resourced municipal races nationwide, led a collaborative overhaul of the endorsement process to better center a race equity lens, and built a virtual training program that trained over 25,000 grassroots members in the 2016 presidential cycle. Under her leadership, DFA’s election team powered over 3.5 million calls to key districts in 2018 alone, helped flip Governors mansions and legislative chambers from Wisconsin to Michigan to Virginia, took on tough primary fights and built power in the races that would eventually determine the emerging rockstars of the Democratic Party – with federal candidates like the “Squad”,  Congressmembers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar; with game-changing gubernatorial candidates like Stacey Abrams in Georgia, Andrew Gillum in Florida, and Paulette Jordan in Idaho; and with winning mayoral campaigns from Jackson, MS to Stockton, CA, to Charlotte, NC, to St. Louis, MO and more.

Currently writing a book, running electoral trainings, coaching candidates and campaign staff across the U.S. and Europe, and co-creating campaign plans with brilliant visionaries. (Brilliant visionaries…like you? If you’re interested in a potential collaboration with Annie and AMW Strategies, email amw@annieweinberg.com or find a time to talk here!)

Looking to build right now especially with those who know that elections are just one piece of the puzzle in creating the world we seek; who see electoral organizing as an essential way to build a more reflective democracy, grounded in racial and economic justice; who love and respect voters; and who are invested in challenging and uprooting white supremacy in ourselves, our institutions, and our electoral process wherever it shows up.

Proud dogparent to Dover, beaglador, and Ohio, Great-Dane-labra-huskie. Minneapolis-born, Pittsburgh-raised, Chicago-loving, DC-based. Will also choreograph your flashmob/danceoff.